Client Testimonials

"" Hatha yoga has helped me physically by making me feel stronger. Mentally  it has made me feel more calm and humble. it has made me stronger by helping me make more rational decisions; I think things through a lot more before reacting." 

- Juliet 

ARS Bi-Weekly Yoga Class Participant

"Yoga has reduced my stress and anxiety, it has reduced my muscles spasms in my legs as well. I have improved mobility and stability now."


ARS Bi-Weekly Yoga Class Participant

"Yoga reduces my stress, it improves my mobility and stability, mental clarity, and it helped me in losing weight!"



ARS Bi-Weekly Yoga Class Participant

"In late 2016 I was seeing a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and a massage therapist twice a week for my left hip that was giving me tremendous pain that I would start limping as I’d walk. And on top all that arthritis had started to build up in the left hip joint, it was not making matters easier...
I was seeing these therapists. Yes, they were helping, but only for one or two days. I wasn’t happy with the results and was getting frustrated. 
It was affecting my family time, which made things like going on hikes and walks on the beach difficult. 

I was told I need to stretch my body especially the legs, and it needs to become part of my daily life routine. 
I was introduced to yoga 18 years ago. I’d take classes as much as I could but never practiced on my own, because I felt like it needed to be guided to get the most out of the poses and the purpose.
One day early October 2017 
I ran into Nicole at the supermarket.
I remember following her on Facebook, without hesitation I approached and started talking to her. I instantly felt comfortable with Nicole, told her the issues I’m having with my body and what I needed and asked her if she can help.

Humbly she said,  "I will try my best."
Since October 13th I’ve been taking private lessons with Nicole twice a week. She’s great! I like my time with Nicole and the positive energy that she brings along. 

Ever since I’ve started my practice with her, my body feels better, happier, more flexible, I have less pain and I don’t limp as much, using the stairs isn’t so painful anymore and my body has become leaner and toned.

Nicole, you're a natural, you’ve given me more then your best and for that I’m truly thankful. God bless you and wish you all the best of success."


Private Bi-Weekly Sessions