Welcome to Yoga Suma. We are so happy you are here.

We offer Classical Hatha Yoga designed by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. 

What is Hatha (traditionally written as "Hata") Yoga?


"Ha" means "Sun" and "Ta" means "moon." So Hata Yoga is a complete path to bringing a balance between the sun and moon which are within each of us. Presently, most people are not in touch with the sun's or moon's affect, however, one benefit of yoga is making the body in such a way it is so sensitive to subtle changes in the system's energetic balance. When you start exploring these yogic practices, you will notice other aspects of your life also flow into alignment.

Classical Hatha Yoga refers to how we teach. We teach in such a way that each detail of the class is done intentionally, so as soon as you step inside, the experience has begun.




Nicole Karayan is a Certified Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher and offers Classical Hatha Yoga, passed down by Sadhguru; founder of Isha Foundation, Yogi, and Mystic. 

Nicole was trained through Isha Hatha School of Yoga in India. She underwent five months of intense training - covering various aspects of Hatha Yoga, yogic physiology paired with western physiology and anatomy, as well as the Science of Siddha Medicine.

She is passionate about teaching classical yoga so people can experience it in its pure form.


"After completing my Bachelor's degree, I wanted to do something "very meaningful" in the world, but none of my previous goals and dreams seemed adequate any longer. Shortly thereafter I enrolled in an extensive program offered by Isha Foundation - Surya Kriya. It was the most profound experience I had in any yoga class before. After undergoing five months of teacher training, I then taught several classes and traveled all around India for another three months. I had some of  the most enriching experiences of my life during those eight months. Being immersed in different cultures, connecting with total strangers who turned into great friends and family. Most of all, I got to know myself beyond personality, flaws, faults, strengths - beyond opinions. I  cannot describe the experience in its entirety, but I have realized an even better way. The only way, is for people to realize the magic within themselves.  I am so full of gratitude and passion, ready to share this beautiful offering of yoga. It is the biggest joy for me to teach people the science of Hatha Yoga - I could not ask for anything more."

Nicole Karayan